Just Us || Rae and James

James felt much better than he had. His hangover had gone right away and he hadn’t had a bad time at the quidditch match either. He didn’t think he had noticed how good she was at Quidditch since he tends to think in the whole slytherin bad context, but it was good to watch her. He and Sirius had criticized how they all played, of course but it was fun. He wasn’t used to just watching quidditch games though. He was looking forward to tonight though. Things had been so crazy the last couple of days that they both had just been kind of in a zone, but not a bad one.

He had changed clothes once he got back to the dorm and then decided he would actually use his head boy dorm for something. He hated staying up there so he never did, and he was pretty sure Amelia never used hers either. But, he would use it tonight. Privacy would be good. He headed down to the fat lady and waited for her to get there, running his fingers through his hair.